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The only constant is change itself.

  So have you ever been faced with a decision that you had to revisit later because maybe it wasn't the best decision even though you thought it was at the time?

When I first designed the Homestead, the question of TV's was prominent in part of the design because, after all, every hotel on the planet has a television unless you are in remote Alaska or something.  Right?  So,

For those of you, who don't know me well, my personality is complex.  I was raised by wolves. This is a euphemism for being raised by really outspoken and free thinking parents who encourage the same in their children. While we don't always share the same views on the subject at hand, we usually respect the difference of opinion and thoroughly enjoy the animated discussion just for the sake of animated discussion.  At any rate, I divert from the blog.

I don't actually watch much TV.  After about an hour or two I have had it and then go do something else.  If I'm home alone, days can go by and I don't even turn it on. 

When deciding on a TV in the beginning, I was torn between "forcing "folks to relax by not providing any TV at all, using an older TV that I had already to save money or going out and spending bucks on new technology.  I guess I thought I knew everything about facilitating relaxation even though I had never owned a hotel before.  Go figure.

I opted for the middle of the road choice and lugged down a large 25"TV from the master bedroom upstairs.  I hated having a TV in there anyway so this worked two-fold. I gave my future guests a TV but didn't overdo it.  This way maybe they would go outside and enjoy what upstate NY and the Ithaca area had to offer.  Here's where I eventually got caught in a couple of ways.

First of all, after my guests had exhausted themselves hiking the fingerlakes trail, visiting multiple wineries in the area or boating, fishing, swimming, shopping, drinking, partying, etc., etc., they needed downtime.  That meant they had to sit down at my antiquated TV and watch a movie, the news or a game.  This is just fine unless they start to compare my TV to the 60"masterpiece they have at home.  :(

Secondly, there is only one TV and it is in the living room down there - not the bedroom.  I discovered that some folks need the TV to fall asleep or stay asleep...

One day when I went down to visit some guests, I sat down and had a cup of tea with them and discussed improvements for the place.  We had struck up a friendship and I felt they were good honest candidates confirming my decision on the TV.  They very delicately but honestly told me that not only did I need a bigger TV, but one that was flat screen and should hang on the wall where my wonderful artwork was!!

Horrors.  I thanked them for their input and they eventually checked out and went on their way.  So to end this lengthy and hopefully not too boring blog, I eventually made my way to the TV store and purchased a 48" flat screen TV and put the 25"old style in the master bedroom with a DVD player.  To my surprise and delight, the TV is a "smart TV" and also has Netflix and other web based apps that came with it. 

So... Now almost every guest comments on how nice it is to have a hotel with a flat screen TV with Netflix!  

I guess the old saying that the only constant in the universe is change itself still hold true.  This old dog is trying to keep up.

I am a stubborn old dog though.  I refuse to hang it on the wall and take down my artwork but don't tell anyone... ;)