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Words to Remember

Words to Remember us by...
As you all know by now, I run a small B&B and I love it.  What you don't know is that I am an avid collector of old things that are unusual and charming.  My tastes are quite eclectic so my husband never knows what I will be sneaking into my workshop when he isn't looking.  (He's pretty sure I'm a closet hoarder but that is another post...)  

I also love to journal.  I left a journal down in the Homestead and many folks have written wonderful accounts of their visit to Ithaca and our place.  Some of the post are written in foreign languages and then translated into English which is fantastic because the earth really is a small place when you think about it.

One day I decided to combine my love of journals and my passion for collecting and I placed a chalkboard in the rental.  Usually, I am left a short note or a drawing which is a delight for me because the person has left me something to remember them by even if it is only temporary.  Sometimes, the note left behind was written by one of the guests for another guest who stayed and I get a small glimpse of a happy moment experienced at the Homestead.  

One could say the messages are ... words to remember us by.