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It's starting to thaw! Forget Key West!
The only constant is change itself.
The Water Garden
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Almost Time for Smore's!


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The Water Garden

The Water Garden

I always wanted a small water garden in a whiskey barrel or in a pond form and finally had the opportunity to experiment with one last summer.  After digging a hole in the hard stone ground while my husband "supervised" , I finally got to fill it up with water, put some water plants in and wait a week or two.  We happily went down to the fish farm and I promptly bought some fish.  A week later, to my horror, one was floating on the water.  I learned after more research that goldfish need lots of water or a very good filtration method because they add alot of ammonia to a water feature.

Words to Remember

Words to Remember us by...
As you all know by now, I run a small B&B and I love it.  What you don't know is that I am an avid collector of old things that are unusual and charming.  My tastes are quite eclectic so my husband never knows what I will be sneaking into my workshop when he isn't looking.  (He's pretty sure I'm a closet hoarder but that is another post...)  

I also love to journal.  I left a journal down in the Homestead and many folks have written wonderful accounts of their visit to Ithaca and our place.

Almost Time for Smore's!

The temperature was up near 50 degrees a couple days ago and those of us who live here were finally reassured that winter WILL NOT last forever!  We almost lost hope in January and February when the "polar vortex"was on the attack.  Pipes were frozen and even the dog did not want to go outside for any length of time.

So it won't be long before we can hear the spring peepers (frogs) and smore's season will be here before we know it.  For those of you who do not know what a smore is, I can elaborate.

The Dog (Mr Dozer)

The Dog (Mr. Dozer)
If you come for a visit to The Homestead, you may never see Mr Dozer but he is our mascot upstairs in our living quarters on the second and third level of our place.  Mr Dozer is an English Bull Mastiff and Rodhesion Ridgeback mix and at this posting in February of 2014, he is 1.5 years old.  

He has been with us since September of 2013 and is a big lovable pile of fur.  He is very gentle with all of our guests and especially loves to lick the ice cream off little kid's shirts in the summertime.

The Table

Special for me. This table was made by my dad when I was eleven years old. My family of seven sat around this table every night for dinner until it was retired and became my father's desk at work for a period of time. It was in storage for almost ten years until I opened the B and B and had the perfect space for it. During its first year at the Homestead it served as a family gathering table for no less than 15 seperate families from all over the USA and the world including China,India and Australia. Its a special table. This past weekend I lightly sanded the finish and redid the surface to protect it. Hopefully it will last another 40 years and beyond and bring hundreds of families together for meals and special memories.