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The Homestead is a flurry of activity inside and outdoors.  Since there is a large pond on the property, we know when spring is near.  The first real sign is the sound of the spring peepers.  These are small frogs that start to call right after the ice melts on the pond every year and is one of the nicest sounds in my humble opinion!
We had some nice rain earlier in the month of April so the flowers that have started to bloom look great.  The lilac bushes and buds on the trees are starting to green up and I think we will have small leaves in a number of weeks.
Daytime temperatures range from the mid 50s to the low 70s now and most of the greenhouses and plant vendors are getting ready for their spring openings. 
Our favorite flea market open soon and we can't wait.  Very exciting to see what all the vendors have been storing away for the grand reopening!
We are starting to see more bookings and have met some really nice folks already this year.  I love to meet people and it's amazing to me how some people feel almost like family.