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2013 Season

Ahhh Ithaca...

There is sooo much going on in Ithaca this month.  Everything from Dino Jam at the Museum of the Earth to play after play after play in the theaters.  Live music to suit just about any discriminating ear and so many restaurants to choose from.

Just a short hop away is my Homestead.  Quiet and peaceful but close enough to take a quick jaunt into town for shopping or sightseeing.

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted the most wonderful folks from Seattle.

You know you are in the country when...

I recently received a copy of "The Old Mill" in the mail.  This is a newsletter for the local community in Brooktondale, NY where the Homestead is located.  As I was reading it, I chuckled a little at the delightful country activities on the horizon.  So I thought I would share some with those of you that may be thinking of a trip to upstate New York:
  • Gad!Zukes! Zucchini Festival at the Caroline Farmers Market on August 17th from 10 am to 2 pm.  Yes zucchini - those long green veggies from the garden.

Welcome to the Homestead

I love this job. 
They say that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  I finally understand.  I absolutely love hosting to people who are traveling.  It doesn't matter if they are passing through for the purpose of a happy event such as a graduation or wedding or something more somber such as a memorial to bury a loved on.
I basically love people.  I have found that no matter who you are, or where you come from or where you are heading, you are a human being.


Spring is FINALLY here!
There is a school of thought that winter is time for introspection and reflection.  Drawing into yourself a little emotionally while the temperatures drop outside and the flurries fly. 
For some like me, it can be a long wait!  I love it when spring comes.  Also known as the season for transformation, roots that have been dormant all winter suddenly sprout and bloom.  As the days get warmer, the buds and leaves start to form on trees and bushes and the dandelions come  back en force!


The Homestead is a flurry of activity inside and outdoors.  Since there is a large pond on the property, we know when spring is near.  The first real sign is the sound of the spring peepers.  These are small frogs that start to call right after the ice melts on the pond every year and is one of the nicest sounds in my humble opinion!
We had some nice rain earlier in the month of April so the flowers that have started to bloom look great.  The lilac bushes and buds on the trees are starting to green up and I think we will have small leaves in a number of weeks.