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Spring is FINALLY here!
There is a school of thought that winter is time for introspection and reflection.  Drawing into yourself a little emotionally while the temperatures drop outside and the flurries fly. 
For some like me, it can be a long wait!  I love it when spring comes.  Also known as the season for transformation, roots that have been dormant all winter suddenly sprout and bloom.  As the days get warmer, the buds and leaves start to form on trees and bushes and the dandelions come  back en force!


The Homestead is a flurry of activity inside and outdoors.  Since there is a large pond on the property, we know when spring is near.  The first real sign is the sound of the spring peepers.  These are small frogs that start to call right after the ice melts on the pond every year and is one of the nicest sounds in my humble opinion!
We had some nice rain earlier in the month of April so the flowers that have started to bloom look great.  The lilac bushes and buds on the trees are starting to green up and I think we will have small leaves in a number of weeks.

Welcome back anytime...

This past weekend we had the most wonderfu guests.  Graduate students from MIT coming back to visit their alma mater - Cornell.  All were very polite, and very nice folks.  You are welcome back anytime - safe travels to all of you!
The first real signs of winter showed up this weekend.  White flakes of snow busily dancing around the yard but not quite making to the grass before they melted.  There was a serious frost though and I actually had to put some salt on the front steps so we would not be airborne running down.


FALL is Coming!

The air is getting crisp and apples have appeared at the local produce stands.  It won't be long before the leaves are brillliant shades of yellow, orange and red - Russell's favorite time of year!

We have been getting the woodpile ready for the toasty fire in the wood stove.  I can't wait to have our first fire there.  Nothing better than watching the fire and relaxing in the cozy warmth...

I'll be stocking up on hot cider and hot cocoa mixes too.  

They're Baaack!

Well Ithaca is a hopping city again.  All the students are back and we are a thriving community.  It's great to see them out and about laughing and enjoying the early stage of the semester.  Hopefull they all keep their upbeat and positive attitude and do well.    As a mom myself, I find myself wanting to mother all of them lol but you can't. 
It's raining again which is wonderful.  You can imagine the grass and plants just loving it!

The New Addition

As you know, we live in the space upstairs.  Sadly I had to put my precious little dog Gerbil down in July.  I thought I would wait a while to get a new one but made the mistake of going with my sister to check out a litter of Bull Mastiffs a couple weeks ago.  Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of DOZER, a male Bull Mastiff.  He is gorgeous but rambunctious.  We are in the process of training him.  He is already trained to go outside to do his business.  The trick now is to get him on the same sleeping schedule as Russell and I.

The Grand Opening

We are so excited.  Russell has owned the place for over twenty years and has put his heart and soul into building and maintaining a beautiful place to live and enjoy life.  We both have grown children and are now experiencing life as empty nesters. 
The Homestead was concieved after the passing of his dad this past spring.  I have been moving things out of a house I had locally and Russell inherited many collecitbles and antiques from his dad.  WE HAD RUN OUT OF SPACE.